MJ-FS01 G1/4''

MJ-FS01 G1/4\'\'
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MJ-FS01 G1/4''

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The principle of operation

Flow switch is the presence or absence of flow through the output switch control signal to the water sensor switch, the main switch signal. Divided into specific types normally open and normally closed type, in the main water control work flow monitoring role to play. Water flow switch and relay use with the usual components of the water control system, easy to use, no power is the flow switch on.



Installation instructions

1, Flow switch installation environment to avoid strong vibration, and shaking with the local magnetic environment, in order to avoid the flow switch malfunction. In order to avoid particles, debris into the water flow switch must be installed in the inlet filter.


2, When the magnetic material close to the water flow switch, its characteristics may change.


3, Flow switches, relays must be compatible with use, as less power reed switch (typically 10W and 70W) easy to burn. Relay maximum power 3W, 3W power will be greater than the normally open and normally closed phenomenon.







Electrical characteristic


MJ-FS01 economy gas/water flow switch

Flow setting:

Liquid: 0.05 GPM ~ 1.00 GPM (0.19 ~ 3.785 L/M)

Gas: 25 CFH ~ 12 CFM

Interface: 1/4 "NPT threads

The main structure material: Noryl


Flow switch MJ-FS01 small low flow series


Flow range



1/4“NPT thread






MJ-FS01 small-sized flow switch is designed for filtered water purification, the application of the design and reliable. The switch is mainly composed of Noryl is made, all the parts contact liquid to meet FDA or NSF standard material.





epoxy resin

Spring and the dynamic bolt

316 Stainless steel

Operating pressure


Operating temperature


Electrical connection

22AWG,18’length ,PVCAWR



test load 20VA,120-240VAC或VDC










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