MJ-K20-G3/4 OD:20mm turn thread OD: G3/4

MJ-K20-G3/4 OD:20mm turn thread OD: G3/4
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MJ-K20-G3/4 OD:20mm turn thread OD: G3/4

  • Model: MJ-K20-G3/4
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Product description and advantage:


1.Plastic hose connectors
2.Hose connectors
3.PP material
4.All size is available


Front barb OD: 20mm

Thread OD: G3/4




Product material: New PE, Absolute Avirulent Insipidity, weak acid and alkali resistance, can be used in pure water way .



1: Good sealing, high pressure resistance, no leakage.

2: High temperature resistant, long using temperature is 110 degrees, low temperature and 40 degrees.

3: Pressure.

 4: Solve the copper joint deformation and plastic pipe and aluminium tube are not synchronized.

5: Non-toxic health.

6: Convenient installation, reliable connection, convenient, economical and practical.

7: Suitable for all kinds of hard hose (aluminum-plastic pipe, PEX pipe, PE - RT, PVC pipes, such as hot water tube, solar tube, gas pipe, air conditioning air compressor tracheal etc.). 



Please note that all the size data is for the smallest out diameter of the barb.  That means as long as your hose inter diametre is similar to the size above , than it can work.


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please contact us at any time.

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