MJ-HZ06A 0.4-2L/min

MJ-HZ06A 0.4-2L/min
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MJ-HZ06A 0.4-2L/min

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Water pressure resistance performance

0.8MPa pressure has no slack phenomenon, and parts no crack, relaxation, inflation, and deformation anomaly

Maximum operating current

10  mA (DC 5V)

Operating voltage range

DC4.5-18 V

Load capacity

≤10 mA (DC 5V)

Operating Temperature Range


Humidity Range

35%~90%RH(No frost status)

Storage Temperature


Storage Humidity


Output pulse high Level

>DC 4.5 V  (Input voltage DC 5 V)

Output pulse low level

<DC 0.5 V  (Input voltage DC 5 V)

Accuracy(Flow - pulse output)

0.4-2 L/min±5%

The output pulse duty cycle


Output rise time


Output fall time


Flow- pulse characteristics

F(Hz)=[80*Q]±5%( Proficiency Test) (Q For flowL/min )

 Cumulative flow and pulse conversion ratio

1L water = 1356pluse±5%


Installation instructions

1、When magnetic materials or to flow switch a magnetic force materials near water flow switch, its characteristics may change.

2、In order to avoid particles, sundry into the flow switch, in the inlet must install screen pack.

3、In the use of the water flow switch before please read the parameters that if there are still questions please to our factory technical personnel consultation.

4、In the process of installation and use must cooperate relays (power in 3 W below), lest because of switch power small and dry reed pipe burn out.

5、The water flow switch installation use environment to avoid strong vibration and shaking place, in order to avoid water flow switch produce false action.

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