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OEM float switch

MJ-101000AV-2S 50W 220V 1A
MJ-10500AV-2S 50W 220V 1A
MJ-10165-3P 50W 220V 1A
MJ-SSI-1200AV-2H 50W 220V 1A
MJ-10800-4P 50W 220V 1A
MJ-10450-6S 10W 100V 0.5A
MJ-10355-4S 50W 220V 1A
MJ-1085-2P 50W 220V 1A Blue
MJ-100AV-2H 50W 220V 1A
MJ-80SL 50W 220V 1A
MJ-40I 10W OEM Product

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