MJ-DN25CL G1''

MJ-DN25CL G1\'\'
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MJ-DN25CL G1''

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Product application and advantages:

This product advantage is to use the pressure difference self-locking principle, control for more small, water flow more big, is the existing copper valve, stainless steel valves that elusive place. At present has set up a file in the southwest, the east China area and cooling tower, environmental protection, anticorrosion, chemical industry, solar equipment etc widely used in, especially for high and low a water tank, water tower of water level automatic control, product universal adjustment function, suitable for all kinds of water tank towers different angles of the installation, get the general customers the high praise.



Product features:

A, sealing water effect is good, compression. With smaller floating ball control, but it can accept more of the liquid pressure. The traditional straight sealing type general than 0.6 MPA pressure, this product than 1.3 MPA pressure.

B, the flow of water, high efficiency. Than traditional straight sealing type water quickly, splash splash less.

C, easy installation, flexible adjustment. Can be installed at any Angle adjustment. Avirulent insipidity, lead-free salt stabilizer, can be used for drinking water.

D, corrosion resistance, wide adaptability. In the solar energy, cooling tower, environmental protection, anticorrosive, chemical industry and other areas of different medium containers used extensively, adaptable than the traditional metal ball float valve is widely.


Float valve character:




Silk mouth specifications


Float materials


Valve Body Material


Valve core materials




Apply pressure

 0.1-1.0 MPA

Valve total length


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