MJ-10110-2S 10W 110V 0.5A

MJ-10110-2S 10W 110V 0.5A
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MJ-10110-2S 10W 110V 0.5A

  • Model: MJ-10110-2S 10W
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 Liquid level switch



Application Area
Mainly used in household appliances,industrial equipment gardening equipment,medical equipment,beauty salon equipnebt,aquatic farming and industrial water purification,sewage treatment systems.

Principle of operation

The liquid level switch is composed of a reed switch and magnetic float ball,reed switch is encapsulated in the guide and the float ball is fitted with a ring magnet.When the float ball is moved up and down with the liquid level,its inner magnet attracts the reed switch to make a contact action.


★ The installation position should be kept away from the pipe inlet, otherwise the switch will cause misoperation due to the fluctuation of the inlet water, please avoiding the strong vibration and shaking environment.
★ The control line load must match the float switch contact capacity, or to connect the string load, or relay protection.
★ The proportion of liquid measured must be greater than that of floating ball.
★ The contact signal position of float ball has been adjusted according to customer order, please don't adjust float position by yourself.
★ Please do not disassemble the sensor unauthorized to prevent damage. All the sensors unauthorized to disassemble are not in the scope of the warranty.
★ This structural sensor has not been used, and it may be inappropriate for direct substitution.Please kindly submit it in time.


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